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Ventilation is very important when planning a conservatory, orangery or sunroom. The warm, used air needs to be transported out of the conservatory so that it can be replaced by cool, fresh air. Humidity must also be considered and controlled.


I imagine if you come from somewhere cool then the idea of wasting warm air sounds criminal; the truth is that our conservatories are so efficient that maximising air flow is a must. Our tilt windows can be angled to catch even the smallest breeze.


There are different ways to achieve a pleasant climate in a conservatory. There are two main sorts of ventilation: mechanical or natural ventilation. The principle of both is always the same. Used air is released at the highest point and the cool, fresh air flows in from a lower point.


Many factors determine which style of ventilation is best for you, considerations include:


  • the shape of the conservatory,

  • the size and

  • the intended use.


At ThermaDura we design and customise the ventilation system for your conservatory.


Our rule is that the ventilation must be as effective as possible but no more complex than is necessary.



The diagonal conservatory ventilation system is our most popular form of ventilation. By positioning tilting windows at both the highest point and close to the base fresh air flows in and the used air escapes out the top. This system makes use of simple physics, but it does depend on weather conditions allowing air to flow with ease. If there is not sufficient external air pressure then there is no way you can increase the outgoing air flow. Natural ventilation can be great, but it will not be the best choice in all locations at all times of the year. Please discuss your ventilation with us; we can help you decide if a natural system would be best augmented by a mechanised system.







Some conservatories shapes can only be ventilated via the roof. Automated roof ventilators ensure a controlled ventilation independent from what the weather is doing outside. The advantage of this system is that you determine the level of air flow coming in and out. This system is really great if you have sensitive plants growing in  your conservatory, sunroom or orangery as the climate is completely regulated even when nobody is home.

Elsner Elektronik

Quality ventilation systems: made with German precision in Germany


At ThermaDura we offer systems from a world leader in conservatory automation, Elsner Elektronik. This German producer specialises in energy efficient quality products. Our belief at ThermaDura is that the best is only just good enough for our customers.  

WL800 roof ventilator - outside

WL400 roof ventilator - inside

An Elsner ventilator can be controlled manually with a remote control. The ventilators can also be equipped with a temperature sensor which can then be integrated into a conservatory control system. See "Controls" for more information. On cooler days the roof ventilator can recirculate warm air or in summer it can draw in fresh air.


  • Integrated temperature sensor

  • Wireless communication to home control unit possible (extra item)

  • Wireless manual operation of WL400 & WL800 possible with remote control (extra item)

  • Quiet operation (37.2 dB (A) to 54.1 dB (A)

  • U Value 0.9 W/m2K

  • Power consumption: 4W (min) - 62W (max)

  • Ventilation performance app. 277m3/h (extraction) for WL400

  • Ventilation performance app. 555m3/h (extraction) for WL800

  • 3 standard colours available

8 channel remote control


If your conservatory is very large then you may need additional roof windows. We recommend that you install an automated control system if you have roof windows so that they may be closed in that bad weather they can be closed. We also offer a fully automatic ventilation systems.

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