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Handles are an important part of ThermaDura joinery. They need to endure the test of time. The foundation of their durability is laid in the design process. All our handles are machine fitted with screws into the multipoint locking system which eliminates the problem of loose handles. All window handles are connected with a 7mm spindle and door handles with a 8mm steel spindle to the hardware.


We offer handles from different manufacturers, they all have two things in common; the quality of the material and the durability of the design.


 Chant™ is a New Zealand manufacturer operating since 1996.
 “We design and create highest quality architectural door hardware for residential and commercial buildings, and marine applications. We are uniquely placed to collaborate on door hardware design, manufacture, and installation detail, while working closely with architects, interior designers and specifiers.

Our designers and professional craftsmen insist on uncompromising quality of workmanship and the best materials we can source. We are also one of the very few manufacturers in the world that can customise and personalise our functional products. Many of our loyal clients are designers, architects, joiners, fabricators and of course those clients who seek products of the highest calibre, look and feel. We have the engineering expertise, experience and capability to custom design bespoke matching hardware for any project, regardless of how large or small. That is our significant point of difference. Our range is comprehensive enough to cover inside and outside of the building with matching hardware.

We are proud of our innovation, and have designed and introduced many new and exciting product ranges. Feedback from our clients has been fantastic. It is because of them, that we have leaped ahead in so many diverse directions and been able to fill gaps in the market. Every product is evidence of our persistence and passion to create “the very best” in design and quality.”      

Graham, Nathon and Byron Chant                                    



Maco offers quality handles which are the most economic option for all windows and doors. At ThermaDura we offer Maco handles as a standard option in silver and bronze. All Maco handles have been tested for durability.


Standard handle


Standard handle


Standard handle



Hoppe handles are made in Germany. The company distributes its products worldwide and is a renowned brand for quality handles with many designs.                                                                        

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