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LignoLine+: timber curtain wall system


The modern technology in our LignoLine+ timber curtain wall system minimises energy loss to a minimum. The system allows us to achieve your beautiful designs.  By combining the ThermaDura system and the strength of multilayer laminated timber we can build multi storey glass walls (curtain walls) which benefits from the low maintenance of an aluminium exterior.


LignoLine+ curtain walls can be designed with double or triple glazing. The Passive House Standard can be achieved where you choose triple glazing.

All ThermaDura LignoLine+ curtain walls have a natural thermal break to avoid condensation and to ensure maximum thermal performance and durability. This makes the ThermaDura system the perfect solution for commercial and residential projects.


We manufacture our LignoLine+ curtain walls with either an Aluminium or timber exterior. The standard width of the system is 60mm (TD60), but 50mm (TD50) and 80mm (TD80) are possible options. All energy efficient ThermaDura window and door designs are available for the conservatory wall system. Please contact us so that we can discuss your project.


LignoLine+ curtain wall with Timber exterior

The advantage of the ThermaDura LignoLine+ curtain wall system is that it is pre-manufactured in our factory in Mosgiel. This makes the assembly and installation on site a time and money saving process.



Our team assembles the structural parts of the curtain wall on site. The LignoLine+ curtain wall is then fitted to the building by the builder on site. After this, the curtain wall will be glazed and the exterior timber or Aluminium extrusions are fitted by the ThermaDura team.


  • We can make a timber finished exterior rather than Aluminium facing. For large glass areas we increase the width of the timber to 80mm.

  • Our structural timber is multilayered and laminated to provide maximum strength.

  • The outside shell of the LignoLine+ curtain wall can be designed in timber or Aluminium.

  • We use a thermally broken system for maximum thermal efficiency.

  • All parts are pre-finished with a 3 or 4 coat system, no finishing is required on site.

  • Heavy-duty connectors are designed for large glass areas.

  • All European windows and doors made by ThermaDura fit into the LignoLine+ curtain wall system.

  • Narrow profiles are possible, even for large conservatory walls.

  • Double or triple glazing is possible.

  • We have a 4 layer seal system for maximum weather tightness.


  • The walls can be manufactured from different timbers; our standard timber is Siberian Larch.

  • Specific CAD drawings available for architects

  • Specifications can achieve Passive House standards.

  • ThermaDura LignoLine+ curtain walls have excellent soundproofing characteristics.

  • Ventilated curtain wall system.

  • Different exterior Aluminium profiles available.

  • Heavy-duty connectors are also available in stainless steel.

  • The ThermaDura LignoLine+ curtain wall system is a German designed system which is used world-wide for the manufacture of curtain walls in residential and commercial buildings

  • In most cases no additional steel support structure is necessary

  • The curtain wall is manufactured in our factory requiring only assembly on site.

  • Certification documents available up to the extra high wind zones.

LignoLine+ curtain  wall Aluminium exterior

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