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Up until the early 20th century it was more economical to use smaller panes of glass, the smaller panes were cheaper to make. Now we can manufacture much larger panes of glass (5m or more!)  but if you want that smaller paned look to blend with your design then we can make windows to suit.


Colonial bars look good in historic sunrooms and Victorian or Edwardian conservatories, sunrooms and orangeries. We make two different kinds of colonial bars:


A “Vienna” colonial bar uses a larger pane which is not acutally divided. We fit little spacer between the doubles panes and then timber colonial bars are glued onto the glass.

“Structural” colonial bars are more traditional with many smaller panes of glass being joined to give the lattice or diagonal effect.


If you are interestedin a historical conservatory, sunroom or orangery, please contact us. ThermaDura manufactures historical conservatory designs using modern technologies.



Edwardian and Victorian style conservatories are available at ThermaDura.


Many New Zealanders dream of having a Victorian style timber conservatory. ThermaDura offers historic conservatory designs using modern technologies and materials.

Historic conservatories

The timber construction makes your historical conservatory or orangery a timeless original.

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