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The ThermaDura conservatory and conservatory wall system is designed for the New Zealand Extra High Wind Zone. This performance is achieved by the sophisticated 4 layer seal system.


Deflection under Serviceability: Tested to 1500 PA

Air infiltration:                             Positive 1.64 l/s

Water penetration:                      Tested  to static pressure of 1200 PA

Ultimate strength limit:               Tested to pressure of 2250 PA


Compliance documents regarding NZS4211:2008 can be supplied on request for the building consent process.

Engineering / statics


At ThermDura we provide an engineering report for our conservatories. We work with a specialized engineer and passive house designer to achieve the most efficient and cost effective solution for your project.



Experts in Europe agree on one thing: The timber-Aluminium construction is the most durable and thermally most effient construction for windows, doors and conservatories today. The advantages of Aluminium and timber are combined in this construction.


Timber  has got excellent load bearing and insulation characteristics. Besides this timber provides a warm atmosphere for us humans and acts as a regultor of the room climate as it is hygroscopic. As an option we also offer a timber exterior for our conservatories.


Aluminium is an almost  maintenance free product and can be powdercoated in many colours. The Aluminium colour can be matched to the outside architecture of the house. The Aluminium shell ensures weather protection and low maintenance for the years to come.

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