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Those who like bright spaces will appreciate and value the many advantages that the lift-slide doors systems offer; living spaces open out towards the garden and terraces become part of the home. The lift-slide door system is the ultimate solution to moving large areas of glass in an ergonomically efficient way. Even people with very low strength can confidently use the windows and doors in our conservatories.


ThermaDura offers sliding doors and stacker doors in the lift-slide system. Four designs are available as standard, but more options are available on request.


The heavy duty running gear carries up to 400 kg of weight per sash and is equipped with brushes to keep the running track clear of dirt.

ThermaDura timber sliding doors are double glazed. Doors for conservatories

Key advantages


  • Easy and quiet operation.


  • 3000mm door height possible.

  • Timber or aluminium threshold.

  • Wheelchair suitable solution.

  • Maximum unit width 19.8m.

  • Maximum door sash weight 400kg.

  • Running gear with attached brushes.

  • Stacker and single sliding doors.

  • Multipoint locking system.

  • Almost maintenance free system.

ThermaDura manufactures timber sliding doors for conservatories in New Zealand.

Maco lift and slide hardware allows disabled access due to the low threshold by providing maximum weather tightness.

Double glazed timber stacker doors

With the Maco lift and slide hardware it is possible to manufacture 20 meter wide door units in a standard design.


Thermally broken aluminium thresholds are available on request.

ThermaDura timber conservatories are double glazed

Corner solution in a conservatory. It is also possible to design a corner solution without a post to achieve a maximum opening. Please inquire for if you are looking for an architectural solution which is not covered by our standard designs.

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