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Timber is a magic material and Chris has designed and manufactured furniture for himself and for customers in his life as a cabinetmaker/joiner. In Germany Chris won two regional design awards with his unique designs in Germany. The large globes have a diameter of 600mm and are made of solid timber with solid timber inlays for the continents.


The outlines of the land masses have been designed with CAD software and laser cut for an exact result. At this point the continents are flat.To be able to fit the "gores" or continents to the round sphere shape Chris designed templates and equipment to steam the timber to soften the lignin and to make the timber continents shapeable. Then the "gores" are joint and inlayed into the timber globe. Rivers, cities, borders and other personalized  information can be displayed on the globe.

The beautiful steel and brass frames around the globes have been manufactured by Dunedin engineers.


If you are interested in a high quality custom furniture, please inquire as we love to be challenged. If you are a cabintemaker or architect and you are interested in information of how you can build your own globe, we are happy to pass our knowledge on.

Magnetic map
Table Rimu/stainless steel
Table Rimu/stainless steel
Display window
Wenge/Canadian Maple speakers
Table Rimu/stainless steel
Table Rimu/stainless steel
Design award Volksbank Hoexter-Paderborn
Table Rimu/stainless steel
New Zealand Whisky column
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