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Timber-Aluminium windows and doors combine the best of two worlds and are used in our conservatories with an outside Aluminium cladding. The Aluminium shell provides weather protection. The timber frame provides stability, outstanding thermal insulation and gives the building a warm, pleasant feeling.


The Aluminium frames feature ample rear-ventilation and are mounted on the timber tension-free with special fasteners: this allows the timber to breathe and the Aluminium frame to expand and contract without any restraint during temperature fluctuations. The corner joints of the Aluminium shell are manufactured with tension connectors to ensure a perfectly closed corner joint.


The hardware used for the ThermaDura timber-Aluminium joinery is almost identical to the hardware we use for our timber joinery.



For the coating of the aluminium exterior we use Dulux products. You can select from a wide range of Dulux colours. For applications close to sea Dulux offers special coatings formulated for this environment.


For the inside of the timber-aluminium joinery there is a wide range of products that we can offer. Oil, clear coats, woodstains and opaque colours can be selected.

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