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DESIGN "CLASSIC": historical conservatories


Impressive and versatile, a ThermaDura historical conservatory adds extra light, air and grandeur to your home.


The beauty of choosing a historical conservatory design from ThermaDura is its flexibility to fit whatever space is available.


Available in many different designs, you can create a structure that perfectly complements the architecture of your home and its space.

As a design element we offer structural and non structural colonial bars depending on the design of the conservatory.


We offer historical timber conservatories with a timber exterior and alternatively with an Aluminium exterior for low maintenance.


In cooperation with your builder concrete, weatherboard or brick walls can be integrated into the conservatory design. The roof can be designed with double- or triple glazing, solid roofs are also a possible option.


As an option LED downlight can be integrated in the timber rafters.


Our conservatories are designed as a pre-finished product that only requires assembly on site. This allows us to transport our conservatories all around the Otago area. We will supply CAD drawings to your architect/draftsperson for your building consent, we also offer different options for the installation of the conservatory on site.


1. ThermaDura installation

Once the foundation has been prepared by your builder our team can install your conservatory. Your builder has to carry out the connection between the house and the conservatory. There are different requirements depending if it is a new building or a renovation project.


2. Construction manager

A ThermaDura construction manager organizes the assembly of the conservatory on site. In this case the construction manager works hand in hand with your builder on site to assemble the conservatory. This is possible because the conservatory parts are pre-fitted in our factory. The flashing between the house and conservatory needs to be done by the builder on site. The construction manager ensures an efficient work process and is the point of contact for any questions.



Historical conservatory

design samples


Historical conservatories are available in all sort of variants. They can be attached to a building or can be designed as a self supporting structure.


We see our conservatories as creating healthy living spaces; to insure this all our designs are double and triple glazed.


Double- or triple glazing possible


Single and multi-storey designs


Optional timber or Aluminium exterior


Awnings and blinds available for this design


Natural or automated ventilation systems


Complete range of European windows and doors can be used for this design

DESIGN NAVIGATOR - all you need to know when designing a conservatory

Conservatory design


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Double glazing


Conservatory heating


Conservatory ventilation


Conservatory climate


Conservatory blinds


Conservatory plants


Conservatory installation


Conservatory prices


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