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Enjoy your conservatory!!!


All sorts of people have all sorts of conservatories varying in size, location and design. Would you like your conservatory to be the central meeting point and preferred location of the whole family? Would you like to see your splendid plants thrive there?

No matter how you intend to use your conservatory: A conservatory control provides round-the-clock climate control in accordance with your requirements. Shading, ventilation and equipment, such as heating or air conditioners are coordinated automatically.


Automated shading systems


Being completely transparent, a conservatory is quickly heated up by the sun. In the winter, this can be used as a benefit to reduce heating requirements. However, when it gets too hot the sunlight exposure must be restricted by shading.
The conservatory control automatically closes awnings and blinds located at the side of the conservatory where the sun is. As a consequence, rather than being dimly-lit for the whole day the room is supplied with the maximum possible amount of light. In addition, the slats of blinds are opened slightly after moving out. As a particular benefit the angle can be adjusted to the position of the sun. In this procedure the control always opens the slats to such an extent that the sun is just prevented from directly entering the room but as much light as possible can enter through the slits. Such automatic tracking is possible with the use of the WS1000 controls.

When night falls, the sun protection turns into a visual protection. If required, the control shuts the blinds at nightfall, protecting the conservatory from curious eyes.

In rainy and stormy weather, the control retracts the external shadings to protect them from rain, if made of delicate fabric.

Touch screen displays are  available in black and white

Awnings connected to the conservatory automation system

Bring in the fresh air


The ventilation ensured by windows or ventilation units not only supplies the room with fresh, unused air but also ensures cooling and helps to prevent excessive air humidity. The conservatory control automatically “knows” the best time for ventilation, taking the temperature and air humidity specifications into account.

A motion detector connected to the control keeps burglars away in case you are out of the house when the ventilation is active: If an alarm occurs the windows will be closed and, if required, the signal forwarded to a security device.


A heater ensures convenient room temperatures at night time and in the winter. Even air conditioners and ventilation devices are individually integrated into the air conditioning. This helps to avoid a waste of energy as windows and doors close automatically the moment an air conditioning unit starts. The conservatory control helps to realise your personal ideal climate.

Tilt windows connected to a conservatory automation system

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