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Certainly everybody wants his conservatory,sunroom or orangery to be good looking from the inside and the outside. From the outside, the architecture of the surrounds are important and the conservatory should integrate into this existing design. In most of the cases the simple construction are visually more effective than complicated designs. At ThermaDura we also take into account how the conservatory is heated and ventilated and an efficient construction.



If you plan your new home with an architect it certainly makes sense that the architect also designs the conservatory. For an efficient process we advise architects and designers to contact us to obtain information about the possibilities and standard solutions of our system. This way the project can be designed right from the start in an efficient way to ensure the most enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


Animation done with our state-of-the art 3d conservatory design software

Small selection of possible ThermaDura conservatory designs - more shapes and designs available



If you are looking for a conservatory that looks great, is thermally efficient, uses the best European hardware and is avaiable in a modular system, we have got the right solution. With our Wintergarten conservatories we have economized the sizes in a modular system which can be used to achieve conservatories from small to large. You can still decide on the windows and doors in the conservatory, on the width, depth and the height. The roof angle is adjustable. Using the Wintergarten- Design makes it easy for you to calculate the cost based on our pricelist and Wintergarten- brochure before involving a draftsman or architect.

Click here to get to the Wintergarten page.



Experts agree on one thing: The timber-Aluminium construction is the most durable and thermally most effient construction today. The advantages of Aluminium and timber are combined in this construction.


Timber  has got excellent load bearing and insulation characteristics. Besides this timber provides a warm atmosphere for us humans and acts as a regultor of the room climate as it is hygroscopic. As an option we also offer a timber exterior for our conservatories.


Aluminium is an almost  maintenance free product and can be powdercoated in many colours. The Aluminium colour can be matched to the outside architecture of the house while on the inside it can match the interior. The Aluminium shell ensures weather protection and low maintenance in the years to come.



The timber Aluminium material combination offers through its natural thermal break very high insulation values. The insolating timber construction has no weak points all around. The connection from timber to glass is designed so that no cold bridges exist in the system.

ThermaDura manufactures timber curtain wall systems in New Zealand. Double and triple glazed options available.
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