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Conservatories have become increasingly popular and with good reason. They can add essential living space and, if correctly selected and installed, should significantly increase the value of your home, representing a real investment opportunity. However, you may not be the only one who sees opportunity in your conservatory.


For thieves, conservatories are sometimes seen as a means of gaining easy access to your home. In the small minority of cases where intruders have targeted conservatories, it has usually been as a result of poor, cut-price construction. Understandably, many home-owners have little knowledge or experience in this area and must reply upon their supplier and installers for guidance. In reality, there is no reason why your conservatory should be any less secure than any other part of your home, provided you decide for a quality product.



ThermaDura conservatories, orangeries, sunrooms and conservatory walls offer great security features already in the standard version. Depending on the area you live in and your security concerns we can upgrade the security of the structural conservatory parts


Advanced burglary protection


The ThermaDura conservatory and conservatory wall structures can be executed at low cost as resistance class 2 burglar protection assemblies in compliance with the German DIN V ENV 1630 standard. In addition to appropriate security glass, supplementary measures in the blocking and assembly, strengthened pressure strips and modified screw connections must be implemented.

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In a conservatory not only the structural part needs to be secure, the windows and doors are of the same importance. A burglar always looks for the weakest point to get access to your home - for this ThermaDura windows and doors offer exceptional security feartures.


Our windows and doors are equipped with a multi-point locking mechanism that lets fresh air in and keeps intruders out – even if they are in the tilt positions. The locking system features mushroom-shaped locking points on the bottom of every tilt and turn unit. Our use of intelligent pin protection makes it hard for unwanted guests to lever out your window, and our anti-drilling device protects against drilling of the window gear from the outside.  You may also choose laminated, shatterproof safety glass and high security fittings in all our products.

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