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Timber is natural, timber is vital and timber is distinctive. With its endless design possibilities and physical properties timber is the ideal material to produce beautiful and energy efficient windows, doors and conservatories. Timber joinery just feels good and radiates comfy warmth.


Timber joinery is environmentally friendly and in tune with nature. Often such environmental considerations are achieved at the expense of quality; with Thermadura you get top-of-the-range joinery as well as a clear conscience.


Step into the world of quality timber joinery with ThermaDura.




  • Timber is the most ecological friendly material used for conservatories, windows and doors and has a low energy footprint.

  • Our timber windows and conservatories have the highest insulation values. Many passive houses are designed with timber windows and doors.

  • When maintained timber windows have the longest life expectancy when compared with other building materials. In Europe, windows that are over 300 years old are still in active service in historic buildings.

  • Timber also allows construction of truly large windows and conservatories; much larger than with other materials. The size achieveable with PVC and Aluminium are limited because they are made of hollow extrusions where timber joinery is solid.

  • Timber joinery is extremely stable. PVC and Aluminium are hugely affected by temperature differences, while the timber we use does not expand or contract with extreme changes in temperature.

  • Timber is hygroscopic and helps regulate humidity levels in your building which ensures a healthy living environment. Other window materials like PVC & Aluminium cannot absorb excess moisture which results in condensation .

  • Timber joinery is solid and offers a high level of security.

  • ThermaDura can design and construct complex joinery items.

  • Timber can be finished in an unlimited range of colours.

  • Timber joinery increases the value of a property.

  • In case of a fire, timber joinery withstands the flames longer than Aluminium or PVC. Timber does not release poisonous dioxins when it burns.

  • Re-coating timber joinery is unproblematic and colours can be adjusted to change the design of the house.

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